Child Care Resource & Referral Program

Child Care

Resource & Referral

This program provides a central coordinating link for child care and development services within a geographic area — usually a county, city, or community. Through this program, CHS offers a wide range of services to parents including referrals to licensed child care and information regarding a large variety of child care options available to parents. CHS also offers services to current and potential licensed child care providers and other community groups who are concerned with child care issues. All services are free of charge.

Through this program, CHS maintains an educational resource library that includes developmentally appropriate toys and materials, as well as books and educational DVDs. Resources are available to parents, providers, and the community at large. CHS professionals conduct a variety of workshops throughout the year and are available for consultation. For more information about workshops and training for child care providers, please Contact Us.

In addition, CHS provides a quarterly newsletter to child care providers in the Greater Long Beach, Orange County, San Diego County, Ventura County, Yolo County, Yuba County, and Sutter County areas. The newsletter contains helpful information about child development issues, child health, curriculum activities, and many other relevant topics. CHS also provides a biannual newsletter for parents regarding parenting and career issues, recipes, activity ideas, and more.

Last year alone, CHS responded to over 4,250 requests for child care referrals, and provided 98 workshops to over 1,100 attendees. In addition, over 470 parents and child care providers visited our resource libraries. We also provided technical assistance to over 13,800 parents and child care providers.

Workshops & Training

Children's Home Society of California offers professional development workshops throughout the year for child care and early education professionals on a variety of topics including child development, marketing, and tax and record keeping. Information about scheduled workshops is available by calling our office. Other sources of training include Community Care Licensing, community colleges, Child Care Resource and Referral agencies, child care associations, and other professional groups. CHS also offers quarterly parent workshops on a variety of parenting issues, including parenting strategies, discipline, partnering with schools, and child care providers. For more information about Workshops and Training for child care providers, please Contact Us.

Professionalism in Child Care & Education Programs

Creating a quality environment and program for children requires skill, dedication, patience, and continuing education. CHS professional development trainings support the quality, growth, and professionalism of child care programs and child care providers. CHS resource libraries also provide information regarding professional development opportunities available in local communities. Some additional community resources include connections to the Community Care Licensing Division
of the California Department of Social Services (CDSS), which oversees licensing of all
child care facilities, and information regarding credentialing requirements through
the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. CHS also provides information
regarding local, state, and national professional care and education groups that
provide support to the child care community.