Best Practices & Outcomes

Best Practices & Outcomes

CHS understands the importance of keeping abreast of current trends in child care and development and early learning research, and recognizes the importance of applying that research to our programs and agency operations. Learn more about our Best Practices & Outcomes Department and how we continually strive to improve the services we provide.

The Best Practices & Outcomes Department ensures that we are upholding our values and utilizing our valuable resources in the best and most prudent manner for the families we serve and the agency overall. In addition, the department identifies research-based best practices, standards, and trends; develops tools and measures to demonstrate how the agency is progressing toward identified outcomes; assesses the impact and effectiveness of our services based on these findings; and recommends how we can strengthen our efforts. This department not only improves the quality of our services to children and families, but also assists in recruiting volunteers, motivating donors, strengthening the Government and Community Relations Department, and developing and diversifying our services.

At CHS, we pay attention to what is happening in the field and use the information to inform and strengthen the programs and services we offer to children and families. The following two examples of key research activities demonstrate how CHS strives to apply what is learned in practice.

Five Protective Factors Early Investment Matters
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