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Finding Quality Apps for Children

Finding Quality Apps for Children
Posted on August 16, 2017 by CHS

Technology has completely changed how we live today. We live in an age where we depend highly on our smartphones, tablets, and other electronical devices. In many ways, technological advancements have made everyday life more convenient. However, with all of the good technology can bring, we must be cautious about how we use it. Many parents may be hesitant about letting their children use technology due to cyber safety issues and fear of technology dependence. Although the hesitancy is understandable, parents can help children choose apps that are both fun and educational. Try using the tips below to find quality apps for your child.

Choose age-appropriate apps.
Like all toys and board games, apps are also divided by age groups. This standard is set to protect younger children that may not have the right motor skills or knowledge to play a game designed for older children. Some content from an app may not be appropriate for younger children. Make sure to check if the app you are interested in is age-appropriate for you child before downloading it.

Choose apps that help your child develop.
Many educational apps today encourage children’s development by giving them a challenge. These skills can range from cognitive, motor, social, creativity, and much more. Finding apps that support your child’s development will help you feel more at ease with allowing technology into your child’s life. For example, an app may encourage your child to search around in the backyard to find a treasure. This activity can teach problem-solving skills and also encourage your child to get some exercise outside.

Choose apps that supplement school learning.
There are many apps today that are not only fun, but also useful for learning subjects like math, history, language, geography, and more. If your child just started learning math at school or if you want him to start learning math before starting school, Astro Nora: Addition and Subtraction Math may be a great app for him. Astro Nora is recommended for children ages 4 to 7 and it is a game where “the main character, Nora, has crash-landed on an alien planet, and children need to answer addition and subtraction questions to help collect the parts of her broken rocket.” Also note, Astro Nora is only available on iPad and won’t be found on Android or iPhones, but more apps that supplement math can be found at Math Apps, this link gives you recommendations on different apps and ratings based on their level of fun, skill development, and ease of use. Other subjects can be found at Interactive Books & eBooks, Science Apps, Geography Apps, and History Apps.

Check the reviews and try the apps yourself.
Before downloading any apps, make sure to review the app content in the app store and read the app reviews by experts. These reviews will give you a good idea of whether or not the app is appropriate for your child. For the apps listed above, you can find expert reviews within those links. You can also use this chart, How to Find Apps, as it gives multiple expert sites that review apps for children. You can also read detailed reviews on the Common Sense Media website. Once you find that the app is appropriate for your child, try it out yourself and see if it’s right for your child.

Here are additional resources to help you find a quality app for your child.

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