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Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month
Posted on September 20, 2017 by CHS

Since 1988, America has observed Hispanic Heritage Month from September 15th through October 15th in order to recognize the culture, contributions, and heritage of Hispanic Americans. According to the County of Los Angeles Public Library, people from Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua celebrate their independence on September 15th, as these countries all declared their independence on this day in 1821. People of Mexico celebrate etheir independence on September 16th, while the people of Chile and Belize celebrate their independence on the 18th and 21st of September, respectively. Hispanic Heritage Month offers a great opportunity to teach your child about cultural diversity so that she can understand the different cultures around the world. Below are some ways you can celebrate and teach your child about Hispanic Heritage Month.

Events at Your Local Libraries
Many of your local libraries will be hosting Hispanic Heritage Month events throughout the 31 day period. Some events include Teen Movie Day/Night, painting, art activities, Fiestas (parties), and more. For more information on these events, contact your local libraries. Los Angeles County library events can be found here.

Create a Family Tree
You and your child can create a family tree together and gather information about your heritage. You don’t have to be Hispanic to work on this project as it can be fun for any family. You can start off by finding out how your family came to United States and from there create a timeline up to the present day. Help your child gather old photos, talk with grandparents, and search for family recipes.

Go on a Cultural Adventure
Take your family to museums about Hispanic heritage, restaurants that serve Latin cuisine, or shops that feature traditional Hispanic items. Follow a tour guide at the museum and learn about the many different works of art created by Hispanics throughout history. Afterward, you can go to a Hispanic restaurant and immerse yourself in the culture and food it has to offer.

Decorate Your House with Paper Fiesta Flowers
Add extra color to your house by decorating with homemade fiesta flowers. All you need are crepe paper, wire, string, and scissors. You can follow the directions at How to Make Paper Fiesta Flowers.

Create Hispanic Dishes with Your Family
There are many different recipes in Hispanic culture. Try some easy recipes and have your child help you make them. One example is a Mexican Frittata. All you need is some oil, fresh vegetables, eggs, sour cream, cheese, and water. See the full recipe at Mexican Frittata. You can also find more Latin or Mexican recipes at The Latin Kitchen and Mexican Made Easy.

Teach About Hispanic Heroes and Influential People
There are many Hispanic heroes who have reshaped America that children do not know about. Teach your child about these heroes that were a great influence in America. There are many books that teach about these heroes like Pablo Neruda by Monica Brown and Ellen Ochoa by Pam Walker. You can find more books on Hispanic heroes at Inspired by Family. The list is created by a Latina blogger, Mari Eugenia. You can also go to your local library and ask the librarians for recommendations. TIME also created a list of most influential Hispanics in America which can be found at TIME.

Below are additional resources for more ways to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month.

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