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Holiday Travel With Kids

Holiday Travel With Kids
Posted on December 15, 2016 by CHS

For families, the holiday season means a long break from school.  Many families take this time to travel to visit loved ones.

Preparing for a family trip is no easy feat.  Here are some tips to  make planning and taking your trip a little easier.

Before you go

  • By involving your child in the planning process, it will get him more motivated for the trip. Give him small tasks so he will feel like he is contributing.
  • Let your child know the details of the trip. He will feel more secure when he knows what to expect.
  • Wherever you go for your trip, check childproofing at the location. Whether it is grandma’s house or hotels, call and ask about storing medications, cleaning products, and other hazards out of reach. You can also call the hotel in advance and ask if they can childproof the room for you.
  • Bring a good supply of travel snacks like Cheerios, string cheese, and bananas with you at all times.

If you are driving

  • Take your car in for a quick inspection for oil, antifreeze, brakes, and tires before you leave.
  • Pack extra supplies and emergency essentials like a shovel, blankets, flashlight, and bottled water.
  • Beat the rush hour to avoid any traffic jams caused by accidents or emergency roadwork. If you are feeling well rested and comfortable driving in the dark, you can also leave at night. There will be fewer cars on the road and your child will probably sleep most of the way.
  • Take a break regularly so that everyone can get out and stretch. For every two hours on the road, children need at least 15 to 30 minutes to stretch their legs and run around.
  • Allow your child to pack her own bag of toys, travel games, books, and other items to stay entertained throughout the trip. You can also play road games like I Spy throughout the drive.

If you are flying

  • Arrive early to the airport to give you and your family plenty of time to pass through security. The extra time will also give your family time to stretch and explore before boarding the plane.
  • If you are bringing presents, keep them unwrapped, even if they’re packed in your luggage. It will save you hassle during the security check.
  • Log on to your airline’s web site to sign up for email or cellphone alerts that will notify you about delays and cancellations.
  • Plane cabins can be warm on the ground and cold in the air so make sure everyone is dressed in layers. It’s also smart to pack an extra day of outfits in your carry-on in case of delays.
  • Takeoff and landing are hard on toddlers because they don’t know how to clear their ears. Bring a sippy cup or a straw so that your child can drink water during takeoff and landing.
  • If you have a baby, take the car seat on to the plane. While kids under 2 can travel on your lap for free, it is safer for your baby to have his own seat.

While you are away

  • Both you and your family will be exhausted from the travel. Recoup so that your child can adjust to a new place and possibly a new time zone. If you do go out, keep it short and simple.
  • Your family may be more active than normal on your trip, which means your child will be exhausted by the end of the day. Plan early dinners before your child gets too fussy or falls asleep.
  • Don’t overload your child with activities during the vacation. Focus on one big outing each day and schedule in plenty of downtime. This will help you and your family to avoid burnout after coming back from the trip and to feel relaxed instead.

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