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New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions
Posted on January 3, 2017 by CHS

With 2017 right around the corner, many of us are thinking about making New Year’s resolutions. We often see the New Year as a fresh start. Making and keeping your new year’s resolutions can be a fun activity for you and your family to do together.

Here are some tips to keep your resolutions going strong from January throughout the entire year.

Be Resolution Role Models – Children learn by watching their parents. Consider having a family meeting to discuss your own and your child’s resolutions and make a plan for how you will follow through with your resolutions. According to Robin Goodman, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist and art therapist, “You have to walk the walk and talk the talk to be most effective.”

Keep  the Discussion Positive – Stay positive with the resolutions. Remind your child that every day is a new day to start over. Don’t scold your child for failing to keep his resolutions. Instead, go over the positive things that he has accomplished.  

Offer Suggestions – Instead of making resolutions for your child, guide her by suggesting general categories for change. Help your child clarify her goals, but make sure that she comes up with resolutions herself. This will allow her to take charge of her goals and learn to organize her ideas.

Check your Child’s Progress – Check in with your child every once in a while to see how he’s doing with his resolutions. If he isn’t making progress on a resolution, relate to him by telling him you understand how hard it is to keep a resolution and ask him what is getting in the way of him keeping his resolution. Through clear communication, you can help your child get excited about his resolutions again.

For more tips to help your child make New Year’s resolutions, see:
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As parents, you know best what areas your child can work on in the coming year. But, if you are having trouble coming up with ideas, here are some resolutions your child can make.

Children from preschoolers to 12 years old

  • Learn new things
  • Improve education
  • Less junk food
  • Start or add more exercise
  • Clean up the toys by putting them where they belong
  • Clear the table after eating
  • Follow household rules for videogames and Internet use

Children 13 years old and older

  • Eat more fruits and vegetables everyday
  • Help out the community through volunteer services
  • Resist peer pressure to try tobacco, drugs, or alcohol
  • Speak up against bullies
  • Be mindful about relationships and always treat the other person with respect and without force or violence
  • Always use a seat belt, and don’t use a cell phone for calls or texting while driving.

To view more resolution ideas for your child and yourself, see:,,20452233,00.html

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