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On a Budget? Try a Staycation this Summer

On a Budget? Try a Staycation this Summer
Posted on July 17, 2019 by CHS

When planning a summer vacation, think about the activities, experiences, and memories you’re hoping for you and your family to share together. Summer is the ideal time for a family to spend even more quality time together, both indoors and outdoors. A family vacation that requires travel may not be ideal for those with a limited budget; however, that doesn’t mean that a summer vacation cannot be had. Try a Staycation this summer!  

Explore your city
When’s the last time you explored your city? Maybe you know something about your city that your children have yet to learn or maybe there are new experiences just around the corner. You can do a simple online search to discover the history and diversity within your city and share that knowledge with your children. Get outside to explore and discover everything your city has to offer!

Enjoy the outdoors           
You don’t need to go far to enjoy the great outdoors. Go to a nearby park or local hiking trail and enjoy the time spent out in the fresh air. Some parks feature ponds that offer access to paddle boats that you or your family can use to have added fun during the summer. Parks also offer play equipment and large picnic areas to enjoy lunch with your family. Many cities also host weekly movie nights in their local parks or beaches during the summer; check on the city website to see if your city or a neighboring city is hosting one near you!

Your own backyard
If going to a local park or hiking trail does not sound appealing, camp out in your own backyard or living room. Set up a tent in your backyard, read books to your children, play games outside, and enjoy s’mores at night. If you prefer to stay indoors, turn your living room into an adventure zone. Set up a fort using your sofa, chairs, pillows, and blankets. Make popcorn, read stories, and have a movie night. You can also host a game night with your family and friends. Request that each person brings a game or provides an idea for a game and enjoy your night together laughing and making memories!

Local events
There are several local events happening all around you. Social media and various apps make it easy and convenient to find local events that you and your family may be interested in. Try checking your online accounts and other webpages; you can select a radius around your city, the date range, and event type to narrow down the results. You may be surprised by all of the family friendly events you can find online.

A Staycation is a great way to have a creative family vacation with minimal impact on your budget. There are many things to discover right in your own neighborhood, so take a look around! The memories you create together as a family are more long-lasting and valuable than any vacation destination you could visit. While a destination vacation may seem appealing, it’s really not about the destination, but rather, who you are with and the experiences you share together.

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