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Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Week
Posted on May 2, 2018 by CHS

Teachers have one of the most important jobs in the world. – educating our children. Teachers often go above and beyond to help children succeed. Teachers not only teach our children, but are often mentors, confidants, and support systems for them while they are at school. However, teachers aren’t always compensated for the various roles they play in supporting students. Teachers often dedicate their personal time to helping students, and spend their own money to purchase resources for their classrooms. In addition to time spent in the classroom, teachers work extra hours to grade papers, create lesson plans, and meet with parents. According to the National Parent Teacher Association (PTA), teachers work an average of 104 hours each week to complete all these tasks.

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, May 7 to May 11, take a moment to thank the teachers in your life with one of the following ideas:

Teacher Appreciation Bucket Gifts:

Create a basket filled with the teacher’s favorite things, or help out by donating a basket full of classroom supplies. Many teachers will post classroom wish lists on the school’s website or on the classroom wall. One idea from Fun Squared is a “Scent-sational” bucket. You can add many scented soaps, hand sanitizer, and lotions that the teacher will appreciate. If you can find out what the teacher’s favorite scents are that will make the gift more special. Once you fill up your bucket, you can add a note in front that says, “You are a scent-sational teacher!” Other things to add into the buckets include popcorn, chocolates, candies, and baked goods. You can find more suggestions here.

Memory Scrapbook:
Parents can work together and ask each child to create a page filled with notes, pictures, and drawings about their favorite classroom moment. One parent can be responsible for gathering all the pages and creating a scrapbook that the teacher will cherish. A scrapbook full of memories will be a wonderful gift that shows everyone’s appreciation.

Teacher Appreciation Door Decorations:
Adorn your teacher’s door with fun decorations. Look around your child’s classroom to see if his teacher has a favorite character, color, or theme and then get creative. To find more ideas on door decorations for Teacher Appreciation Week, click here.

Treat All the Teachers:
If you want to appreciate all the teachers at your child’s school, round up parents from different classes to coordinate an event for the teachers. For example, you can set up a breakfast table or catered lunch in the teachers’ lounge, order a mini cupcake bar with different flavors, or ask everyone to chip in and hire a masseuse that can give chair massages to teachers throughout the day.

Coordinate with parents to provide free car wash services throughout the week for all the teachers. You can have the children announce the car wash to their teachers during school hours and provide the car wash after school. Parents can help the children wash cars and supervise them during car wash hours.

Teachers invest a lot of time and energy to support the learning and well-being of each student every day. Take time this week to give back to the teachers in your child’s life by saying “Thank you!”


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