Child Care Payment Program

Children's Home Society of California (CHS) has three Child Care Payment Programs that provide subsidized child care services to eligible families: Alternative Payment, CalWORKs, and Child Protective Services. Through these programs, in Fiscal Year 2017, CHS provided services to over 4,700 children and over 2,800 families. In all, more than 1,257,000 days of care were provided to children across California.

Alternative Payment Program

This program pays for all or part of child care expenses while parents work, seek work, attend school, seek permanent housing, are deemed incapacitated and/or at risk by a legally qualified professional, and/or are receiving child protective services. Through this program, participating families select caregivers from a variety of licensed and license-exempt child care providers throughout the community.


As families are transitioning off cash aid/welfare assistance, it is essential that parents have access to subsidized child care to gain financial independence. CHS provides parents with child care referrals, technical assistance, and assistance with the cost of child care. Families are referred to CHS through local offices of the California Department of Social Services (CDSS), or families self-refer by completing a CHS Eligibility List Questionnaire.

Child Protective Services

The Child Care Payment Program also provides child care to children certified to be at risk of abuse or neglect because of inappropriate parenting, a family medical emergency, or other family crisis. Eligibility is established by written referral from a qualified medical, legal, or social services entity.

Learn more about eligibility for the Child Care Payment Program.


Children’s Home Society of California is very pleased to offer Care Portal, for child care providers who are participating in the Child Care Payment Program (CCPP). Care Portal is an Internet site that allows providers to download and print CHS Attendance Sheets for their enrolled children, check the status of attendance records submitted for payment, and view payment details.

To request an account for Care Portal or for assistance with accessing your account, please contact your local CHS office.

If you already have an account for Care Portal, click here to log in.

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