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For 126 years, Children’s Home Society of California (CHS) has adapted to the changing needs of children and families. Since 1891, CHS has worked diligently to protect our community’s children and strengthen their families through diverse programs and services. Your donations help provide vital programs to at-risk children. With your support we can build brighter tomorrows for children today.

East Oakland children and families need your help!

The Oakland Family Resource Center

Our Oakland Family Resource Center, located in the Heart of East Oakland, aims to provide a safe, trusted place where community members receive support and advocacy.

With your help, the Oakland FRC can continue to be a safe haven for low-income families and provide vital services to help them build stronger families and brighter futures for their children. Your donations will help supply books for children, supplies for workshops and events, diaper banks for children in need, and fund additional programs for the community.

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