FAQ: Child Care Referrals

How to choose child care?

Print out our free Choosing Child Care Brochure, which has information that can help you choose a provider. Schedule tours to see as many child care facilities as you can, and write down the questions you want to ask ahead of time. You are also encouraged to review your provider’s state licensing history. Community Care Licensing is the government agency that regulates and monitors licensed child care facilities. Visit for more information. Reviewing the information in the brochure, visiting a variety of locations, and reviewing the provider’s history will help you make the best choice for both you and your child.

What is a referral?

Child care referrals are a list, not recommendations, of licensed child care providers based on the information you provide. You will receive the first name of a provider, phone numbers, and cross-streets. It is free to receive child care referrals and you can call or submit online requests as many times as you need in order to find the child care that best meets the needs of you and your child.

When you request referrals, we will provide you with a list of providers so that you may explore a variety of options. We do not license, endorse, or refer any one particular provider, or screen for the quality of each program.

What are my child care options?

Call our office for information regarding the many child care options available to you, such as licensed care, license-exempt care, school readiness programs, universal preschool programs, state and federally funded programs, Head Starts, Early Head Starts, and district-funded programs.

Licensed care options include Licensed Family Child Care Homes, which may be licensed for eight (8) or fourteen (14) children, and Child Care Centers, which operate in non-residential settings and are usually licensed to provide care for children by age group.

Who provides referrals?

CHS provides child care referrals to licensed child care programs throughout the Greater Long Beach, Orange County, Sutter County, Yolo County, and Yuba County areas.

For child care referrals in a different county within California, please contact the California Resource and Referral Network at

For child care referrals outside California, please contact Child Care Aware at

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