Family Fees Payment Form

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  • Billing Name: is the person whose card is being charged for the family fee payment
  • Family ID: is the unique family identification number that has been assigned to the family. This information can be found on the family fee invoice or Notice of Action (NOA)
  • Monthly Payment: refers to your regular/monthly family fee amount
  • Repayment Plan: is a formal agreement that has been established with CHS which identifies the amount you agreed to pay for past due family fees (in addition to any regular family fee payment)
  • Total Payment Amount: is the total payment amount that you are submitting
Payment Information:

Please indicate how you would like your payment applied.

Payment types:
Monthly Family Fee Amount is the monthly fee based on income and family size.

Repayment plan is an agreement requested by the parent used to repay missed or late payments.

Parents can have both a monthly family fee amount and a repayment plan. The sum of both fields must equal the total payment amount. If a payment type does not apply to your situation, please enter a 0 in the corresponding field.

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This is the total amount of your payment in this transaction.


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