May 2022

  • Anya Kamenetz and Cory Turner share how parents can talk to children about frightening news stories in their article for KQED Mind/Shift.
  • Learn how the recent school shooting in Texas is affecting students, and the actions being taken in California to improve the mental health of students on the EdSource website.
  • Jeffrey Pierre and Cory Turner discuss research about how to prevent school shootings in an article for KQED Mind/Shift.
  • Interest rates for student loans are going to increase this year. To learn more about the increase and how it might affect you, visit the NPR website.
  • The federal government has created an Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) which provides qualifying families with high-speed internet that is $30.00 per month or less. To learn more, see if you qualify, or apply visit the White House website. To access the application instructions, click here. To access the application, click here.
  • In this article for Chalkbeat, Kalyn Belsha discusses how teachers are using their experiences from this school year to plan for the next one.
  • The Orange County Department of Education (OCDE) shares these tips with parents for establishing rules about the use of digital media.
  • Jackie Mader explores the benefits of recess time for children, and how denying children recess can affect their wellbeing in this article for the Hechinger Report.
  • In the article Students Need Summer Learning that Doesn’t Feel Like School, Stephanie Malia Krauss explores three summer programs that focus on relationships, having fun, and exploring student interests.
  • Kerri Miller interviews children’s book author and podcast host of Book Club for Kids Kitty Felde about how to inspire kids to read this summer, and what books to recommend to them for Minnesota Public Radio. Listen to the podcast or read the article here.

April 2022

  • Jackie Mader reports on new research which demonstrates that children learn better through play than with direct instruction. Visit the Hechinger Report website to learn more.
  • Learn about some of the impacts social media can have on children, and discover tips for limiting the use of social media in this article by EdSource.
  • April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. The Children’s Bureau has developed a free Resource Guide that can be downloaded on their website.
  • Moriah Balingit reports on the results of a mental wellbeing survey taken by 7,700 adolescents across the nation. According to the survey, the mental wellbeing of teenagers has seriously declined. Visit the Washington Post website to read more.
  • The United States Preventative Task Force has drafted recommendations that children ages eight and older receive regular screenings for anxiety. It also includes recommendations to screen children twelve and over for depression and suicide. Click here to read more.
  • According to studies conducted by Rhode Island Hospital and the LENA Foundation, infants born during the pandemic are not developing language skills as quickly as infants born before the pandemic. Click here to read more.
  • April is National Poetry Month. Sixth grade teacher Matthew James Friday shares tips for introducing children to writing poetry in this article for Edutopia.
  • Edutopia has created a video that discusses four ways educators can help students build social and emotional skills. Click here to watch the video and access additional resources.
  • Enrollment in California K-12 schools has dropped lower than it has been in two decades. View enrollment statistics using interactive tools on the EdSource website.
  • Christopher Klein shares strategies for educating students on how to use their cell phones responsibly in this article for Edutopia.

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