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Alameda County

Upcoming events for for Alameda County.

Oakland FRC Baby Shower

Start: Tue, December 4, 1:00 pm
End: Tue, December 4, 2:30 pm

Are you currently pregnant? Come out to our mini resource fair specifically made for soon to be moms. Come connect with various organizations as well as receive a box of gently used clothes and other goodies.Space is limited so don't forget to sign up!

Must be registered to attend.


Estás embarazada? Venga a nuestra mini feria de recursos hecha específicamente para las mamas! Venga a conectarse con varias organizaciones y reciba una caja de ropa donada y otros premios.  ¡El espacio es limitado, así que no se olvide de inscribirse!

Debe estar registrado para asistir.

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